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Why you are visiting our website? The answer is as simple as you think,because you are  a fashion lover and you believe that nowhere else does fashion quite like Montreal as known as la cité de la mode.


The words canibuy.ca means Can I Buy from Canada.  This name was chosen because it captures the essence of what we are creating –  Canibuy.ca is online marketplace that is located in Montreal & focused on providing the best shopping experience online for Americans & Canadians by Canadians, so you can find hottest brands, local designer, new design talent, handmade artist, clothing and home accessories  entrepreneurs from anywhere under our guideline. 


It may sound like a perfect solution and time-saver: You do your shopping online, pay with your PayPal account, and your goods appear at your door in few days as they‘re delivered from North American countries. You will be proud shopping in one place under one roof where you can find all your needs at affordable price with short time of delivery.




 Vision: To make canibuy estores North American preferred shopping destination.


The marketplace for fashion small businesses

Canibuy is a marketplace for buying and selling all items from independent artists, designers and fashion small businesses around the world.


 Our mission is to enable people to reconnect fashion small businesses with Canadian buyers. 


Most popular category on canibuy.ca:


Men’s fashion;

Women’s fashion;

Kid's fashion;

Fashion Jewelry;

Home accessories.



Shop from the world's largest selection and best deals for fashion small businesses. Shop with confidence on canibuy!

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We appreciate that you are either American or Canadian and you are proud to support Canadian indie.