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Have a product you've made or a creative service you offer? Sign up as a seller for free! and own a canibuy estore.

Our tools and services make it easy to manage, promote and grow your business.

Powerful platform to add your products online and be ready to sell within few hours.

You'll still be able to edit your canibuy estore after it’s open.


Easily Customize your seller profile

Seller profile is the first step to start up business with any visitors. It is something which gives your visitor a perfect idea about your business details and the services or products you offer.


A well designed and pro company profile creates a big impression on the viewers mind. It helps you develop your business and expand it.You just need to attach them your company / business profile and they know all about you.

Add Unlimited Products

Add as many products to your canibuy estore as needed, It doesn’t take much to list them.

Canibuy handmade community :Through our membership, we offer designer-makers access to essential tools to support successful careers within a creative community. Our aim is to provide a comprehensive support network for Canadian's craft and design talent.

-Handmade/Artisan: Free online shop / Listing is free and always will be. Unlimited product listing.5% selling fee (include all fees and charges ) based on the total amount of the sale.

List your item for Free. As soon as you click "new product", your item is visible to visitors on your collection page and our products pages—it's that simple.

Connect to your social profile

Do you do social networking? If so, is it helping you build business, or does it seem like a waste of time? Social networking can help you grow your business, but you have to do it right.


With the Canibuy estore you’ll be able to link to your social network; Twitter account and your Facebook page.

Buyer can ask you a question

We help buyers and sellers work together to resolve issues with transact shipping and items information, so buyer can connect you directly via your canibuy estore email..


Just keep in mind, we have a weekly deals section where sellers are allowed to add every week items with affordable price. Also some of seller’s products will be added to our monthly newsletter which will be delivered to almost 10000 members and will be posted on our social media accounts where are users whom like your products can buy from as well as your original website.  

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