As every establishment in the world today strives to attain its goal of business success, Canibuy digital marketing services ensures to play a prominent part in enabling firms to garner sheer profit, and ultimate success. Our industry specific solutions are applicable for  apparel and accessories industries that are looking to make a remarkable presence in the web. As an eminent internet marketing company, we employ cutting-edge online marketing techniques to ensure success for our patrons.

Canibuy digital marketing  services are in collaboration with

Who WM Is ? Web Marketing is a full service digital marketing agency specializing in search engine marketing and optimization, branding, website and mobile development, as well as social media and web advertising. With over a decade of industry experience, marketing Web delivers customized multi-channel marketing

Web Marketing Services:

We are e-commerce services provider in Canada, the social connectors behind the scenes, casually introducing campaigns to the right audience at the web. We’ll take care of everything you need to get your website up and running:

  • Building Online store website
  • Professional design and copywriting
  • SEO-friendly for better search engine rankings
  • Mobile friendly for your on-the-go shoppers
  • Enhanced content with social media platform and blogs
  • Detailed performance reports

Your digital storefront needs to make a good impression every time someone visits it. That takes technical expertise to get just right.

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Email Marketing Campaigns

Smartest Thing You Ever Did: The smartest thing you can do right away is to start building up your opt-in mailing list.Email marketing is extremely targeted and can produce great results when done right. There's a lot that goes in to a productive email campaign and the most important component is your mailing list.

Contact us at, and find out how to leverage or get your list building started.

Super-Charge Business with a Targeted Campaign

Building customer loyalty, increasing your brand’s awareness, nurturing leads, acquiring new customers or converting interested parties into paying customers are all results you can achieve through a targeted email marketing campaign. You can also increase word-of-mouth referrals by offering on-going service and support for your existing customers.

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Developing your strategy :

Whether working collaboratively with you and your team or stepping in and taking the reins; Web marketing specialists  will develop a campaign tailored to your business and your markets. We can quickly identify existing and potential opportunities, create compelling content, target specific market segments

, and determine the best schedules for your campaign—and much more!

Design campaign templates: Customizing the perfect template for your businesses message.

Deliver campaign: Delivering campaign according to set schedules to targeted recipients. 

Campaign performance reporting: Analyzing the results and data collected from your campaign is crucial to the success of Internet marketing efforts. To determine the effectiveness of an email marketing campaign and to discover areas for improvement, Web marketing specialists will provide in depth analytics and insight for your email marketing campaign.

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Ask the Expert

  • Search – general understanding of search engine marketing and measurement of its efforts
  • Usability – general understanding of website usability best practices and measurement of its efforts
  • Social Media, Web 2.0, and Website Strategy - general understanding of these industry trends and strategies and methods for measuring their success

Explore the potential for your business by talking with one of our experts—they’ll make it simple to understand and get started.

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Email Marketing Ideas:

  1. Surveys

  2. Monthly newsletters

  3. Promotions and deals

  4. Ongoing customer services

  5. Sales letters to potential customers

Ready to Get Started?

From the initial planning stages right through the design, content development, formatting and programming; as well as the management and data analytics – our experienced marketing team will bring you profitable results through our email marketing services.

Establish, expand and manage your email list: Maybe you don’t have an email list yet? If so we can help you create one. We can also generate ideas that will enable you to expand your existing list, as well as organize and manage an existing list to enable pin-point accurate messages.

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A newsletter is the perfect tool to increase sales and loyalty!

Do you want to reach your customers directly and build loyalty? Email marketing could be the best way to achieve your goals. Email marketing is still a powerful tool for establishing a long term relationship with your customers.

Obviously, you do not wish to flood your leads with recurrent, low-grade, or low-quality content. Email marketing can quickly become annoying and harassing for those who receive it. Your clients gave their email address for a reason, and they trust you with it. This trust is precisely what you need to maintain.

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Analytics Consultant

Your business needs and goals are unique. You know your website and we know how to structure Google Analytics Platform for your unique objectives. We setup Google Analytics and tailor its features to match your requirements. Then all you need to do is checking your custom Business Dashboard and reports to see how you can optimize your profit via website.

Google Analytics Audit & Setup Includes:

  • Google Analytics Advanced Implementation
  • Bespoke Business KPI Dashboard
  • Web Master Tools setup(So you will able to follow how Google see your web pages)
  • Remarketing Audience Setup (So you will able to remarket your offers to your visitors again)
  • Link Tracking Excel Template (So you will able to track any specific campaign/channel seperately

85% of Google Analytics Installations are completed in 24 Hours. Order Now!

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What you can expect from our web analytics consulting services?

  • Planning & Strategy: Our experienced web analysts create web analytics strategies that suit your business objectives.
  • Implementation & Audit: As data enthusiasts, we make sure that web analytics measurement plans are implemented well and accurately track your website and mobile metrics.
  • KPIs and Goals: Each business has its own priorities, so we make needed changes and data manipulations to let you follow your KPIs in depth.
  • Performance Analysis: We can track any action you want on your website. But without interpreting your data, you are blind while you invest on development, tracking and digital marketing. So we analyse your performance with our expertise.
  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO): Each web property has a reason of existence. It might be sales, leads, members etc. So we help you to work every single item of your website to work for that reason of existence.
  • Training: Web analytics is not about tools but the interpretation of analytics data.
  • We can help you to understand how to interpret your data
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    Keyword Ranking Tools

    Search ranking is critical to your online success – so it is a key focus for Canibuy service Tools. Find out how you are ranking in search engines, over time. Evaluate your efforts to top-rank – and spy on how your competition is doing! You can start simple, page-by-page, to out-rank others in your market for terms that bring business to your door.

    We can help you to understand how to interpret your data

    Tool Summary


    Know quickly what your key ranking is doing. Current ranking on your keywords, and change since last period. You may select your comparison period


    Dive into what and who is driving your critical search rank. Show your keyword competition, thumbnail charts of rank change over time, and the sources of the keyword traffic; paid, organic, and social media

    By Page

    Understand which pages are traffic magnets, and which need more of that power. Is the page fulfilling its intended purpose? Ranking per page is the tool to drill down for greater clarity on your content.

    By Tag

    Keep focus on your task; Rankings can be tagged for easy categorisation, organised and managed so results are more easily understood and sorted by topic
    Competitor Keyword Ranking Tools

    Competitor Historical Data

    Make the best decisions with history in mind. Historical overview of website ranking change – Average Listing Position, over periods and search engines you select; Ranking Summary of keywords in categories of Top 5, 10, 20, 30 over time

    Competitor Overview

    Know where you stand! Average Listing Position of all your keywords vs. competitors’ ranking on them. Site Visibility shows how many top positions competitors hold in your keywords set; how many are in the Top 5, 20, etc.

    Competitor Rankings by Keyword

    Get the straight goods on where your competition is making money and keeping their focus.

    Competitor Rankings by SE

    Spy on competitor strategy to sift out their particular search engine strategy.

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    Google Analytics Reports

    Measurement is power. Comprehensive and easily understood profiles of your website visitor behavior, sources of traffic, target landing pages and customer conversion funnels … All-in-one and easy to read!

    • Tool Summary
    • Traffic Overview
    • Social Traffic
    • Efficiency
    • Traffic by Country
    • Traffic by City
    • Language of Visitors
    • Competitor Traffic

    Google Search Webmaster Tools

    Understand and adapt for success. Having a detailed view of your website visitor behaviour is invaluable. What brings them to your site? Can you qualify visitors better before they arrive, so they are ready to buy?

    • Top Queries
    • Top Pages

    Competitor Metrics

    Spy on what is working for your competitors. Get the big picture about your current marketplace position and progress you are making. Measure to determine your next actions.

    Answer questions that give you a competitive advantage – what is the effective linking your competition is doing? What is their strategy to rank higher? Are you missing any pieces?

    Keyword Ranking Tools

    Search ranking is critical to your online success – so it is a key focus for Canibuy service Tools. Find out how you are ranking in search engines, over time. Evaluate your efforts to top-rank – and spy on how your competition is doing! You can start simple, page-by-page, to out-rank others in your market for terms that bring business to your door.

    We can help you to understand how to interpret your data

    Our expertise!


    In addition to email design, we can integrate your automated email sending with a CMS program, with your CRM and your statistical tools.

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